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Phonics is a sound based method to teach reading and writing. The principle used is that the sounds made by letters in a word combine in particular ways to generate the sound the word makes.

Chilli pilli phonics is an innovative new phonics approach Wherein one learns to read and write multiple languages at the same time. It emphasizes on building phonetic understanding through pure sounds sans any graphical representation (letters) of any language.This way, a strong foundation in phonetics is built, after which the sounds are mapped to the language being taught. The results of this methodology are far better than other phonics


We teach phonetics in a language agnostic way !! No language base, you read right !

No alphabets! Pure phonetics

Based on the Indian phonetic structure, kids are given phonological understanding through sounds.

Phonological understanding

We guide children in gradually building the sensitivity to sounds through various exercises.

Read & Write

Association to language is made. The sounds which have been taught so far are made to map to individual letters

Build On

In a systematic way, and through different games and playfull techniques, gradually the difficulty level is built


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Language for life

A program to build an fluency in language

Teacher Training

A unique innovative phonics program achieving breakthrough results


“These are Kindergarten children reading and solving mathematics problems on their own in English. They have been learning through the Chilli Pilli Phonics method. They do not come from an English background. They are typically almost two years ahead with minimal stress and negligible homework, in stark contrast to the branded preschools ”

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