Our Methodology

We start our study into reading and writing, without it being associated to any particular langauge. That is right ! We do not show any alphabets of any language. Language is introduced at a later point in time. We have two phases. During the first phase, Kids are given phonological understanding first through sounds only (no visuals/letters) and gradually we build the sensitivity to listening to sounds through various exercises. Then comes the sound play where they first identify and blend/break 2 and 3 letter simple words into sounds. Once the basic is solid, they learn to do the same thing with words that are structured a little differently. Thus they are trained in various aspects of phonological awareness through different games and exercises. In the second phase, we associate all that has been learned with the letters of a particular language. Here is where they learn reading and writing along with the rules and exceptions specific to the language to be learned. The sequence is given below. Also, check our videos in the “Know more” and “See it work” section. Contact us to know more about our methodologies and programs.

No alphabets! Pure phonetics...

No alphabets are shown initially. Based on the Indian phonetic structure, kids are given phonological understanding through sounds. The unit sounds (also called phonemes) are given without association to any language in particular and without any letters being shown.

Sound play – phonological understanding

We guide children in gradually building the sensitivity to sounds through various exercises. Kids discover how simple words are formed by blending different sounds and how words can be broken into its constituent unit sounds. Starting from simple words one moves to more complex words and exercises.

Read & Write

Here finally association to language is made. The sounds which have been taught so far are made to map to individual letters. This is done independently for each language.

Build on

In a systematic way, and through different games and playfull techniques, gradually the difficulty level is built. First difficult words, then phrases, sentences and eventually abilitiy to read stories is built. Additional languages are shown in a comparative sense, with their similarities and differences given, to build additional insight and aid learnin

It is different

One base for multiple languages!!  

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